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All  pictures that you see on our website were produced by us on installations performed by us. 

There have been several instances of other companies posting our pictures on their websites and passing off our pictures as their work. The pictures posted on the Fort Worth Tile Company website are for the private viewing of our customers only and are not to be reproduced. We work extremely hard to accomplish the highest quality installations and import the best products. Theft will not be tolerated.


The prices listed are valid until june 30th, 2022.

 Our order times are currently taking longer than usual due to supply chain issues.

Please for a quote or for more information.

*     We can custom stain your Saltillos to any color desired. From a dark brown to an earthy red or anywhere in between. A minimum order of 100 Square feet is required due to waste incurred during the stain preparation and process. The price to custom stain your tiles is 1.05 cents per square foot due to labor and materials incurred .

* Due to unavoidable waste during installation adding 10% waste for regular installations and 18% for diagonal "diamond'" pattern installations is generally recommended. A border will add about 3 to 5% depending on the pattern.

Saltillo Tile

    We import our Saltillo tile directly from Mexico. We receive shipments from Mexico on a weekly basis- meaning your order can be processed very quickly and since we are centrally located our shipping prices are lower than other vendors. Don't settle for the lifeless machine-made commercial product that some chain retailers pass off as "Saltillo tile."

This product has been made for generations by the Tlaxcaltecas Artisans since 1577 from Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico.  This is the genuine article; beautiful, distinctive, and authentic.  This clay exists only in Saltillo, and is not found anywhere else in the world.

    True authentic handcrafted Saltillo tile is truly one of the most beautiful tiles in the world. It has been produced the same way for hundreds of years- by hand. No two in the world are the same. Each beautiful piece has its own story to tell. They add warmness, beauty and value to your home like no other upgrade available. Upgrading to Saltillo tile is an investment that can literally last a lifetime. That is why Saltillo Tile graces some of the finest homes in the world.

    The difference between "Regular" Saltillo and "Super" Saltillo: every Saltillo Tile starts life as a "Regular" Saltillo but some are stamped with a mold during the drying phase of production which rounds off the top edges and flattens many imperfections on the surface thus making a "Super" Saltillo. Keep in mind that "Super" in this case does not mean this tile is  better or of a higher quality- "Super' Saltillos have rounded edges to lessen the amount of chipping edges incurred during processing. If you are looking for the true, authentic, original, handcrafted look then "Regular" Saltillo is for you. If you are looking for a more perfect Saltillo then perhaps "super" may better suit your needs. Super is basically a slightly more refined Saltillo.

Think of it this way: "Regular" = original, "Super" = modern. There is no difference in quality- just in look.

Please see our "How Saltillo is Made" page to see a "Super" Saltillo being made.


  **=special order item             Actual pictures of our tile on projects installed by us.

Regular Square Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
**24x24 4.0   N/A  
16x16 1.7 10.5 lbs $5.20 $6.55
12x12 1.0 5.5 lbs $2.19 $3.16
8x8 .45 3.3 lbs $1.55 $2.19


.14  .75 lb $.93 $1.29

 Super Saltillo

**24x24 4.0   N/A  
16x16 1.7 11 lbs  $6.15 $7.55
12x12 1.0 6 lbs $2.65 $3.39
Rectangular Saltillo        
4x8 .22 1.5 $1.24 $1.95


"Early"11x11 Saltillo

Some Saltillo produced prior to 1970 to 1975 measure about 11 to 11 1/4 inches. We offer a specially made Saltillo that match these tiles. They average 11 to 11 1/4 inches, the edges are much sharper than even the Regular 12x12 Saltillo and more rustic and they are flatter than Regular Saltillo.

They are only available in 11x11 Square

Price per piece is $2.95 Unsealed

$3.85 Sealed

They can also be custom Stained as in the pictures to match an aged patina.



Manganese Saltillo Tile

Manganese Saltillo is by far the rarest handcrafted Saltillo Tile available anywhere in the world. Due the the very high manganese content of the clay the color becomes a beautiful chocolate brown throughout the entire tile. Manganese Saltillo is made in exactly the same molds and by the same artisans as our other Saltillo tiles the only difference is the amount of Manganese present in the clay.


Regular Manganese Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
16x16 1.6 10.5 N/A $6.95
12x12 1 5.5 N/A $3.95
Super Manganese        
16x16 1.6 10.5 N/A $7.45
12x12 1 5.5 N/A $4.45
San Felipe Manganese        
9x12 .6 4.6 N/A $3.95

Distressed/Rustic Saltillo Tile

The two pictures on top are of the same Distressed Saltillo tile. The left picture shows the tile with just a clear sealer. The picture on the right shows the exact same tile lightly hand rubbed with stain to enhance the texture. The second row tile is stained all red then hand rubbed in a 2 stage staining process. The last picture is a water based sealed rustic (distressed) Saltillo grouted with white grout and the grout was slightly left in the face of the tile to give a whitewashed effect.

The bottom picture of our 16x16 Distressed Saltillos with 2 stage staining (terracotta basecoat with heavier hand rubbed staining).

Rustic or Distressed Saltillo Tile is a True Authentic Handcrafted Saltillo Tile that has gone through extra processes to work the face of the Saltillo into a texture that looks a century old right out of the box. If you are looking for very rustic and authentic then look no further. Perfect anywhere in your home or for outdoor patios and around pool areas that may become slippery when wet. This tile has the added benefit of having very good grip when wet due to the surface grain cast into the tile. Very beautiful and rugged looking.  This tile extremely similar to so called " French Reclaimed Tile." The major difference is that this authentic handmade terracotta tile is about 90% cheaper but equal or better quality and we offer the option to custom finish your tile to your specifications.

* Hand rubbing with stain (enhancing) adds $1 per square foot to the sealed price.

Rustic Saltillo Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Unsealed Prices Sealed
12x12 1 5.5 N/A 4.35
16x16 1.7 10.5 N/A 7.45

Saltillo Stain


    Properly staining Saltillo tiles is a very intensive process.  We are able to custom stain your tile to any color that you specify. 

                Minimum 100 sq. ft. for custom stain orders@ $1.15 per square foot.

All custom stain orders must be prepaid and are non returnable.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the terracotta red Saltillo (natural red clay color- no yellow clay) We now offer Terrocotta Red Stained Saltillo. It is stained to minimize the yellow Saltillo but looks entirely natural.


Animal Print Saltillo



Animal Print Saltillo ( dog, chicken, coyote print Saltillo Tile ) is very rare. Accounting for less than .03% of all Saltillo produced. It is produced by accident. Since authentic Saltillo is produced by hand and outdoors occasionally an animal- coyote, dog, chicken, goat etc.- will walk across some tiles during the drying process of production. What is left behind is natures' accidental work of art. Nothing says "Natural" and 'Rustic" more truthfully than these extremely unique tiles. You generally average 2 or 3 free per pallet of regular tile ordered. You get them strictly by chance. Some batches have them- some don't. The animal print tiles we sell separately are from commercial and residential projects we have installed where the animal prints were not wanted. Their loss is your gain. Supplies are strictly limited. Please call for availability.

We do NOT separate the animal print tiles from batches unless the customer specifically asks us to remove them. Most pallets average 2 or 3 animal prints per pallet.

Animal Print Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
12x12 1.0 5.5 lbs currently unavailable currently unavailable

Hexagons and Octagons


 **=special order item  

Hexagon Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
8 inch .43 2.6 lbs $1.83 $2.24
12 inch .83 5.0 lbs $2.65 $3.45


Octagon shaped tile require a smaller square insert to complete the pattern.

the 8x8 requires a 2x2 inch square insert

the 12x12 requires a 4x4 inch square insert

**=special order item  


Sq. Ft. Coverage

Wt. Per Piece

Prices Unsealed

Prices Sealed
8x8 .43 2.6 lbs $1.83 $2.24
12x12 .83 5.0 lbs $2.55 $3.45

Saltillo Baseboards



 Baseboards Linear Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed



2.3 lbs




Saltillo Stair and Pool Copings

Stair Copings Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
12x12 1.0 7.0 $7.80 $8.65

San Felipe and Flor De Liz

The San Felipe and Flor De Liz Saltillos are unique in that they can be used in a pattern by themselves or they can be used together as in the picture above to make the pattern some call "Riviera." They are true authentic Saltillo tile using the same clays. Very unique.

The Riviera pattern, which is 1 San Felipe to 1 Flor De Liz, Covers .85 Sq. Ft.

San Felipe Sq. Ft. Coverage Wt. Per Piece Prices Unsealed Prices Sealed
9x12 .6 4.5 $2.39 $2.95
Flor De Liz        
6x6 .25 1.7 $2.20 $2.80

Saltillo Sealer

We stock only the highest quality Solvent Based Saltillo tile sealer available. We have tested many samples sent to us by manufacturers and this product stands out. Our sealer is specifically formulated for use on Saltillo tile- indoors and out. This sealer is what we use in all of our installations and it is also the sealer used for all presealed Saltillo orders shipped throughout the country- we use what we sell. It is tried and tested. Please read more about Saltillo sealers in our Saltillo Facts page before deciding on which type to buy.

*Coverage will vary with ambient temperature, humidity and application technique. The estimates given are for a dry, warm, sunny day.

Saltillo Sealer Estimated Square Foot Coverage per Gallon 1 Gallon 5 Gallon "Bucket"
Oil / Solvent Based High Gloss 100 $73 $348


Saltillo Grout

You should not use regular ceramic tile grout for a Saltillo installation. The sand particles are too small for the width of a Saltillo grout joint and can crack and crumble over time. Saltillo requires a specialized grout. We are not a reseller of someone else's grout- we mix every batch of Saltillo grout that we use in our installations and now we are offering it for sale to you. We make and use what we sell. We use costly synthetic colorants that will not bleach out over time like other dyes.

Square foot coverage will vary depending upon installation method, grout width and tile size .

We average 75 square feet per bag using a 5/8 average grout line with 12 inch tiles.

Traditional Grey 60 LBS $15.00
Medium Grey 60 LBS $16.00
Charcoal 60 LBS $17.00
Mocha 60 LBS $17.00
Coffee 60 LBS $17.00


Dhanis Tile aka "Dehanis Tile"

Dhanis tile is a tile that was produced in Texas many years ago. It is a terracotta tile that many customers may have installed in their home thinking it is Saltillo Tile. Replacement or "patch" tiles are difficult to find. Please call for availability. We sometimes have them in stock. They come in 12x12. These tiles differ in that they are very uniform in color and very flat.

$7 per piece